A Letter to Queen Kangana’s Pathetic Looser Desperate EX

A Letter to Queen Kangana’s Pathetic Looser Desperate EX

To Not So Dear Adhyayan Suman,
Bravo! Whatever you said about Kangana’s mental state & her involvement in black magic and all  has gained you Publicity & Attention to ur Dead Career Man! Oops I am sorry to call you a Man.. Coz whatever you have done is way too Pathetic and Real Men don’t do such things. Is it a stint to be in limelight again??? Well played & guess what you will be getting a call from Bigg Boss Team, hurrah you have been selected for next season of Bigg Boss. 

According to you she does black magic, she has a separate dark room to practice all this, she is a psychotic person, she mixed foul blood in ur food and that destroyed your career…. Wow! First of all tell me which career you talking about?? I am sorry we don’t want a Hero with more Feminine looks than a Heroine. Okay for an example lets believe that Kangna does all this stuff u have mentioned, so what? Did she killed anyone ?? Did she created ruckus??? It’s her life… And tell me why you were silent all that time? Why u spoke now?? Oh u were a little scared girl Na… Bullshitt! All u wanted was how to drag Her down. Coz it was damn difficult for u to see her growth & Success! 

  I admire Kangna a lot for her hard work & the way she has stood by herself, I don’t care about what she does in her personal life. I don’t care if she sleeps with many people, does black magic, fights with anyone, gets possessive for anyone, it’s her life man!  Leave her you losers! 

Khud to Tum kuch Ban nahi sake Aur Ab Kangna kuch ban gayi hai to bura lag raha hai. 

If a Man does something that’s okay with Media, public etc. Flirts with 1000 women, marries many women, cheat or molest anyone that is acceptable & forgettable but if a Woman shows up with another man in public then you all will dissect her Character like media is doing with Kangna. Grow up guys. 

My message to Adhyayan is dude no one forced u to be in relationship with her. You knew it that she is bad & psycho and still you were romancing her etc??  That shows ur double standards. If she was bad you could have simply left her. But Men are Men! I don’t understand the thinking of ur kind of Men… Why you men bitch about your exes after break up??? Fine you guys thought it’s not going well it’s better to be separated…. But defaming ur parter like this is seriously so gross. You make others count about the bad times and memories you had with her but why didn’t you tell us all about the good part??? Was she all bad??? Hahaha why wud u do that??? Double faced Idiots! You said she slapped you coz u didn’t stood up for her when someone touched her inappropriately. Gosh are you a real Man mr Suman??? I wonder why she slapped u Coz we self made women would never respect a Man who can’t take a stand for us. If I was her bf I would have smack down that bastard.

I don’t know whether she does this stuff or not that’s her life but what matter is she is successful & self made. If u had trouble with her why didn’t u stood up for urself that time??? I would have praised you if u had taken a stand that time. But now it seems like you have grudges against her and you intentionally doing all this. Shame on u!


My Open Letter to Narendra Modi The Prime Minister of INDIA

My Open Letter to Narendra Modi The Prime Minister of INDIA

My Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi :  

        Mr. Modi I hope you know about the news of changing name for city Gurgaon to Gurugram. I will suggest that Pls Change The name of our Country from INDIA to MAHABHARAT. I am not sorry if I piss you or anybody reading this. Yes this name suits the best to Our INDIA Coz it is filled with Gundas, Mawalis, goons, rapists & corrupted people. Everyday people are killing each other.You can see the examples like Kashmiris are creating mess there, GURJARS have created huge scene on roads & railway lines in whole Rajasthan, JAATS have recently lit Haryana and surroundings of New Delhi on fire and raped women near Muthal, PATEL COMMUNITY has been destroying Gujrat at times in support of Gunda Hardik Patel, TELANGANA supporters had made life of people living in Hyderabad a living Hell and so many more cases Gujrat riots, mujjafarnagr riots etc. 

     We Indians call The Cow Gau Mata, Shame on us that we kill people for troubling an animal and on another hand we Don’t do anything and watch Helplessly Women getting Raped, Molested, Assaulted, killing for dowry and baby girls getting killed in the wombs. Wow! Where An Innocent girl is getting raped in running bus and her organs destroyed by a young guy. Did you guys do anything? The Most violent rapist got free from the jail and given money for work. Why? The answer given was He is Juvenile. Big round of applause for the Government. 
       A minister who is supporting 377 sec bill to passed for LGBT community was involved in the murder of his wife under suspicion. Wow you don’t respect your women & you exclaim to fight for the rights of others. So Mean!
      I Can go on n on but no point of writing another issues Coz u will get tired. So I request pls change the name of our INDIA TO MAHABHARAT. N if you cannot do that then pls be a dictator Prime Minister for a while & Change the Country for Better!
Thank You,
Nikkiey Chawla

Count Your Blessings than Problems


When Richa Anirudh who is the host of Famous Talk Show ZINDAGI LIVE at IBN7 channel asked me about the hardships, pain & problems of life during and after my Transition to be a Transgirl, I smiled at her & my answer was …

Yes like Everyone I have also been through lot of hatred, Pain, heartache, etc. But I don’t give Importance to that because I see the big picture. The Universe has been kind to me. I have got what I have always wanted though I had to struggle a lot for that but My Patience, belief, & Positivity keeps me Running. I don’t think about the bad times. Let bygones be bygones. I have received so much of love , respect & encouragement from my friends, family & fans then why should I think about the pain now? I would love to count my blessings than talking about my problems.

Seriously I don’t like thinking about the past & pain. We should live in our present and be grateful. I believe in karma & The universe and I have experienced it. I know that when we go through any bad experience we feel broken & cheated. We cry, blame & fight with God that why me? Why you did this to me? I don’t deserve this. But trust me if we keep faith in Ourselves  & The Universe then slowly slowly we will learn to overcome that. Everything happens for a reason, may be its a lesson or blessing!

     I clearly remember 23 July 2011 the day one of my TV show called Emotional Atyachar at UTV BINDAS channel went on air. Through this show we told the whole world about me being a Transgirl. I was there in the UTV Office watching the episode getting telecast and as the episode got over and I was on my way to one of the news channel in India, SAHARA SAMAY. They invited me for an interview cum Discussion show created specially for me. That time my phone started pinging a lot. When I unlocked my phone and what I saw was thousands of emails, likes, followers and messages on my Facebook page from the Unknown people of the world who saw my show and instantly they searched and messaged me. They showered their love, respect & wishes for me. Meanwhile I reached to the News channel office and my Mother called me after watching my episode. She wished me good luck and told me that I was looking confident & beautiful. I shared with my mother about the messages from all over the world. I said…

Mumma Today I forgive everyone who has hurt me, cheated and said bad words to me. I forgive my those friends who left me because I was going for the treatment and they couldn’t stand this. I forgive those guys who raped me when I was just 18 years old. I forgive everyone from my family who couldn’t understand me & left me alone in my journey.  Then she asked why what happened??? And my reply was …. Today I have received so much of love & blessings from the billions of people and in front of their love & respect My Pain & misery fails. So from today onwards I delete all bad memories from my life. Love you Maa & God.

That’s why I tell other that don’t stuck to your problems & past. If you will do that you will attract the same. Move on, forgive people who has done bad to you, ask for forgiveness if u have hurt anyone, help anyone if you can, because KARMA IS A BITCH ☺️☺️☺️

My Coming Out Story


My first Media interaction when I decided to come out in Public after my New birth. After I was Titled as India’s first transsexual female Model Hindustan Times did this article on me in Jully 2011 in every possible state of India. Yes that was an achievement. I mean dude I have created History and it feels so amazing even today that my name will be there always! Keep shining ! 

    After this Interview I got very famous in India. I had my interviews on various news channels , newspapers and radio stations.

Stay tuned for other updates!

Transsexuals  & Transgenders


Since My Journey I have seen That people are very much confused between Transsexuals & Transgenders. Specially In India, People knew only a few words Gays, Shemales, Hijda (eunuch) and Crossdressers. Until People from LGBT community started coming out in society openly. 

       I Clearly Remember when I was  in 5th Standard and I decided that I will go for Sex Reassignment Surgery and will Become the Girl I wanted to Be. But issue was, our society our families they didn’t knew about these terms and our feelings. I remember when my cousins or My relatives use to see my moves and feminine movements they use to Tease me That you are Boy why you are behaving like HIJDA( Transgender/ eunuch) because in Our Indian Society they believe there are only two sex Male & Female apart from them all are Hijdas. Be it a boy who has feminine side or a Girl with Masculine side. They don’t understand what is Gay, Lesbian, Transgender & Transsexual. 

    As time passed our society learnt a new word Gay. They started making difference between Hijda & Gay. A person who is loud & claps on streets called Hijda (transgender/eunuch) and a Guy who walks n talks like girls is Gay. Thanks to Our Bollywood Coz they started showing characters in the movies where a Man use to out loud make up, feminine clothes and unpleasant actions. People use to make fun of the characters and called by bad names. Thus our society started taking all LGBT community under this tag. So this is how our society learnt one new word Gay for all LGBT, but with wrong perception. I use to felt Bad when people used to Consider us as Gays. I was a Girl inside so never accepted myself as Boy or Gay. Thanks to Bollywood for creating wrong perception.

    When I started My treatment then I got to know about the exact terms very clearly. In 2005-2009 our society  learnt another words like Shemales, Ladyboy and transgender  thanks to their visits to Thailand. I remember while my transition some people use to ask me are you a Shemales? Ladyboy? Or Gay? Oh My God Seriously?  But I was never bothered about them Coz I knew that they don’t have knowledge about it so its waste fighting or explaining them. But yeah deep inside somewhere I used to feel very Bad… Coz we go through so much to be what we want to be but when people tag u with something you don’t even relates to then it breaks your heart. 

     All the transgirls (I love this word to be called for all my transsexual sisters) will agree with me on this that the hardships & emotional trauma we go through is much different than other feels. When I came out openly in media about myself there was a big reason. That I will share in my other blog. But I will share one reason here. I came out in media Coz I wanted to help those Parents, families & kids who are somewhere in problem because they can’t understand what transsexualism is?  I wanted to help those parents to understand  their child if he/she is not comfortable or relating himself/herself to assigned sex by birth. I wanted to help those children who are confused and dsnt know what to do?

     Out society was n still confused about Transgenders & Transsexuals. They believe that if a guy becomes like a woman that is Hijda or Transgender. That was my major fight with society n I wanted to educate people about this. When my interviews use to come in newspapers in India. Reporters who knows about this they use to write exact word or term for me. That She (Nikkiey chawla) is India’s first Transsexual Female Model. But in some newspapers where I have not given my interview and the reporter has not done his/her homework properly has stated me as Transgender model. I called or mailed a few of them to pls correct it and suggested them to do proper homework next time. Now the qus why I felt bad? Because being transgirl we go through so much our journey is very long like the hormone therapy, psychiatrists sessions, laser treatments, adjusting ourselves to society n our desired roles, living full time girl before surgery, mood swings etc and after surgery the maintenance, follow ups, dilation and most importantly change of our legal documents. That is our major fight and achievement too. & after going through so much if someone calls u or associates u with Shemales and transgenders then you feel bad. I am not saying that transgenders are bad people they also have their own journeys. It’s just I want to clear we are transgirls-transsexuals not transgenders. 

   So I decided to make a blog about this so that people can differentiate between both. I have written and taken reference from some website too about difference between Transsexual & Transgender.
Transsexuals are people who transition from one sex to another. A person born as a male can become recognizably female through the use of hormones and/or surgical procedures; and a person born as a female can become recognizably male. That said, transsexuals are unable to change their genetics and cannot acquire the reproductive abilities of the sex to which they transition. Sex is assigned at birth and refers to a person’s biological status as male or female. In other words, sex refers exclusively to the biological features: chromosomes, the balance of hormones, and internal and external anatomy. Each of us is born as either male or female, with rare exceptions of those born intersex who may display characteristics of both sexes at birth.
Transgender, unlike transsexual, is a term for people whose identity, expression, behavior, or general sense of self does not conform to what is usually associated with the sex they were born in the place they were born. It is often said sex is a matter of the body, while gender occurs in the mind. Gender is an internal sense of being male, female, or other. People often use binary terms, for instance, masculine or feminine, to describe gender just as they do when referring to sex. But gender is more complex and encompasses more than just two possibilities. Gender also is influenced by culture, class, and race because behavior, activities, and attributes seen as appropriate in one society or group may be viewed otherwise in another.

      Transgender then, unlike transsexual is a multifaceted term. One example of a transgendered person might be a man who is attracted to women but also identifies as a cross-dresser. Other examples include people who consider themselves gender nonconforming, multigendered, androgynous, third gender, and two-spirit people. All of these definitions are inexact and vary from person to person, yet each of them includes a sense of blending or alternating the binary concepts of masculinity and femininity. Some people using these terms simply see the traditional concepts as restrictive. Less than one percent of all adults identify as transgender.
      Gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same. Sexual orientation, according to the American Psychological Association, refers to an individual’s enduring physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction to another person. Transgender people may be straight, bisexual, lesbian, gay, or asexual. Biological factors such as prenatal hormone levels, genetics, and early childhood experiences may all contribute to the development of a transgender identity, according to some researchers.

A significant shift occurred late in 2012, when the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (or the DSM-5) officially changed the term “gender identity disorder” to “gender dysphoria,” to describe the emotional distress that can result from “a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender.” In 1973, homosexuality was similarly declassified as a mental disorder. The current change suggests an evolution of thought on the matter of gender that may influence not only how many people see themselves, but also how they are perceived by others 
     No matter how they label themselves, many people do not entirely conform to a single, rigid gender definition with most people having traits that don’t exactly fit the profile. Even more importantly, some of the traditional gender differences between men and women may be slight. Due to changes in social attitudes, general changes in the perception of gender also occurs over time. A trait considered masculine in one generation may be a feminine norm in the next. A woman wearing pants, for instance, would have been considered manly at one time. And though it may have been unusual in the not-too-distant past, many women earn equal to or more than their husbands today, while their husbands perform more of the household and childcare duties once assigned to women. Ultimately, gender is a shifting ground on which each of us stands.
The term transsexual was introduced to English in 1949 by David Oliver Cauldwell and popularized by Harry Benjamin in 1966, around the same time transgender was coined and began to be popularized. Since the 1990s, transsexual has generally been used to describe the subset of transgender people who desire to transition permanently to the gender with which they identify and who seek medical assistance (for example, SRS) with this. However, the concerns of the two groups are sometimes different; for example, transsexual men and women who can pay for medical treatments (or who have institutional coverage for their treatment) are likely to be concerned with medical privacy and establishing a durable legal status as their gender later in life.

To Be Continued……….

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