To Not So Dear Adhyayan Suman,
Bravo! Whatever you said about Kangana’s mental state & her involvement in black magic and all  has gained you Publicity & Attention to ur Dead Career Man! Oops I am sorry to call you a Man.. Coz whatever you have done is way too Pathetic and Real Men don’t do such things. Is it a stint to be in limelight again??? Well played & guess what you will be getting a call from Bigg Boss Team, hurrah you have been selected for next season of Bigg Boss. 

According to you she does black magic, she has a separate dark room to practice all this, she is a psychotic person, she mixed foul blood in ur food and that destroyed your career…. Wow! First of all tell me which career you talking about?? I am sorry we don’t want a Hero with more Feminine looks than a Heroine. Okay for an example lets believe that Kangna does all this stuff u have mentioned, so what? Did she killed anyone ?? Did she created ruckus??? It’s her life… And tell me why you were silent all that time? Why u spoke now?? Oh u were a little scared girl Na… Bullshitt! All u wanted was how to drag Her down. Coz it was damn difficult for u to see her growth & Success! 

  I admire Kangna a lot for her hard work & the way she has stood by herself, I don’t care about what she does in her personal life. I don’t care if she sleeps with many people, does black magic, fights with anyone, gets possessive for anyone, it’s her life man!  Leave her you losers! 

Khud to Tum kuch Ban nahi sake Aur Ab Kangna kuch ban gayi hai to bura lag raha hai. 

If a Man does something that’s okay with Media, public etc. Flirts with 1000 women, marries many women, cheat or molest anyone that is acceptable & forgettable but if a Woman shows up with another man in public then you all will dissect her Character like media is doing with Kangna. Grow up guys. 

My message to Adhyayan is dude no one forced u to be in relationship with her. You knew it that she is bad & psycho and still you were romancing her etc??  That shows ur double standards. If she was bad you could have simply left her. But Men are Men! I don’t understand the thinking of ur kind of Men… Why you men bitch about your exes after break up??? Fine you guys thought it’s not going well it’s better to be separated…. But defaming ur parter like this is seriously so gross. You make others count about the bad times and memories you had with her but why didn’t you tell us all about the good part??? Was she all bad??? Hahaha why wud u do that??? Double faced Idiots! You said she slapped you coz u didn’t stood up for her when someone touched her inappropriately. Gosh are you a real Man mr Suman??? I wonder why she slapped u Coz we self made women would never respect a Man who can’t take a stand for us. If I was her bf I would have smack down that bastard.

I don’t know whether she does this stuff or not that’s her life but what matter is she is successful & self made. If u had trouble with her why didn’t u stood up for urself that time??? I would have praised you if u had taken a stand that time. But now it seems like you have grudges against her and you intentionally doing all this. Shame on u!


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