My Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi :  

        Mr. Modi I hope you know about the news of changing name for city Gurgaon to Gurugram. I will suggest that Pls Change The name of our Country from INDIA to MAHABHARAT. I am not sorry if I piss you or anybody reading this. Yes this name suits the best to Our INDIA Coz it is filled with Gundas, Mawalis, goons, rapists & corrupted people. Everyday people are killing each other.You can see the examples like Kashmiris are creating mess there, GURJARS have created huge scene on roads & railway lines in whole Rajasthan, JAATS have recently lit Haryana and surroundings of New Delhi on fire and raped women near Muthal, PATEL COMMUNITY has been destroying Gujrat at times in support of Gunda Hardik Patel, TELANGANA supporters had made life of people living in Hyderabad a living Hell and so many more cases Gujrat riots, mujjafarnagr riots etc. 

     We Indians call The Cow Gau Mata, Shame on us that we kill people for troubling an animal and on another hand we Don’t do anything and watch Helplessly Women getting Raped, Molested, Assaulted, killing for dowry and baby girls getting killed in the wombs. Wow! Where An Innocent girl is getting raped in running bus and her organs destroyed by a young guy. Did you guys do anything? The Most violent rapist got free from the jail and given money for work. Why? The answer given was He is Juvenile. Big round of applause for the Government. 
       A minister who is supporting 377 sec bill to passed for LGBT community was involved in the murder of his wife under suspicion. Wow you don’t respect your women & you exclaim to fight for the rights of others. So Mean!
      I Can go on n on but no point of writing another issues Coz u will get tired. So I request pls change the name of our INDIA TO MAHABHARAT. N if you cannot do that then pls be a dictator Prime Minister for a while & Change the Country for Better!
Thank You,
Nikkiey Chawla


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