Count Your Blessings than Problems


When Richa Anirudh who is the host of Famous Talk Show ZINDAGI LIVE at IBN7 channel asked me about the hardships, pain & problems of life during and after my Transition to be a Transgirl, I smiled at her & my answer was …

Yes like Everyone I have also been through lot of hatred, Pain, heartache, etc. But I don’t give Importance to that because I see the big picture. The Universe has been kind to me. I have got what I have always wanted though I had to struggle a lot for that but My Patience, belief, & Positivity keeps me Running. I don’t think about the bad times. Let bygones be bygones. I have received so much of love , respect & encouragement from my friends, family & fans then why should I think about the pain now? I would love to count my blessings than talking about my problems.

Seriously I don’t like thinking about the past & pain. We should live in our present and be grateful. I believe in karma & The universe and I have experienced it. I know that when we go through any bad experience we feel broken & cheated. We cry, blame & fight with God that why me? Why you did this to me? I don’t deserve this. But trust me if we keep faith in Ourselves  & The Universe then slowly slowly we will learn to overcome that. Everything happens for a reason, may be its a lesson or blessing!

     I clearly remember 23 July 2011 the day one of my TV show called Emotional Atyachar at UTV BINDAS channel went on air. Through this show we told the whole world about me being a Transgirl. I was there in the UTV Office watching the episode getting telecast and as the episode got over and I was on my way to one of the news channel in India, SAHARA SAMAY. They invited me for an interview cum Discussion show created specially for me. That time my phone started pinging a lot. When I unlocked my phone and what I saw was thousands of emails, likes, followers and messages on my Facebook page from the Unknown people of the world who saw my show and instantly they searched and messaged me. They showered their love, respect & wishes for me. Meanwhile I reached to the News channel office and my Mother called me after watching my episode. She wished me good luck and told me that I was looking confident & beautiful. I shared with my mother about the messages from all over the world. I said…

Mumma Today I forgive everyone who has hurt me, cheated and said bad words to me. I forgive my those friends who left me because I was going for the treatment and they couldn’t stand this. I forgive those guys who raped me when I was just 18 years old. I forgive everyone from my family who couldn’t understand me & left me alone in my journey.  Then she asked why what happened??? And my reply was …. Today I have received so much of love & blessings from the billions of people and in front of their love & respect My Pain & misery fails. So from today onwards I delete all bad memories from my life. Love you Maa & God.

That’s why I tell other that don’t stuck to your problems & past. If you will do that you will attract the same. Move on, forgive people who has done bad to you, ask for forgiveness if u have hurt anyone, help anyone if you can, because KARMA IS A BITCH ☺️☺️☺️


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